You can sound like a Real Estate Pro from day 1 with this simple course.  This course lays the groundwork for a rookie investor to quickly understand the power of real estate, avoid costly mistakes and even set up the ideal office that can create income ahead of the competition.



By taking this course today, you'll get the escalator to talking the talk of a Real Estate Pro. You will gain understanding on the power of real estate that will even convince your in-laws your not insane, and a crash course on what not to do so if you do invest with the in-laws money you don't lose it. Plus, some other valuable nuts and bolts on what Creative Real Estate investing really looks like and how it can change your life.

When I first started looking into real estate I found so much of what people talked about confusing.  Sure I understood the whole "You can make lots of money" but then when they started talking about ARV and BPO, Assignments and Addendum's it was like I was learning spanish all over again.  "Muy dificil" 

I wanted to create a simple yet valuable audio course that gives you in one easy to digest place, everything you need to go from just getting started in Real Estate investing to "Bamm, I get it!"

Because once you "get it" everything can change, and deals will become possible, money will become available for deals and the only thing left will just be the question of how high do you want to ride this rocket to wealth.   

Module 1:
The Power of Real Estate

No other business carries with it the benefits and rewards that real estate has.  But you have to understand them to take advantage of them.

Module 2:
REI Defined

Here we take you through a critical terms you need to know to go from Newbie to Pro, and start getting lenders, agents and others wanting to work with you.

Module 3:
10+1 Killers of REI Success

Take ten years off your learning curve by learning from mistakes that have cost me $1,000’s.  These were hard lessons in real estate, I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, much less you. 

Module 4:
Choosing the Ideal Investment Strategy

Get focused and get results by understanding the strategies you should consider and how to pick the right strategy for your world.

Module 5:
Setting Up Your REI Home Office

This will give you exactly what you need to set up the environment for real estate success. Including tools, apps and softwares, you can use what we use.

BONUS Module 6:
Creative Real Estate Investing Blueprint

This training provides the blueprint for how to implement the various strategies and will be the final step to complete your preparation for REI Success.


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Quickly learn how to think, talk and look at deals like professional, in fact probably better than most who call themselves real estate professionals.  

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Here are the Full Details!

As a new and experienced investor you need accurate information to build a business that will truly create freedom.

I’ve been investing for 7 years and taught over 100 people how to do their first deal and worked with dozens of other successful real estate investors who wanted to take their business to a whole new level.

Have you spent years reading internet sites, books, buying home study courses but never invested?

Have you promised yourself this year would be the year to invest then let that goal slip by year after year? Have you ever wondered where to start to build an effective real estate investing business?


Have you considered giving up on Real Estate Investing as an option, because you can’t find the missing pieces?

I ask because I can relate to all of these at one point or another in building my business. And I’ve seen the other side.

I’ve seen the freedom a successful real estate business can provide you to work from home.

I’ve had the experience of walking into my boss’s office and saying “Your fired!” I’ve also been through the challenges of putting together the fragmented education models that don’t give you everything necessary to truly succeed in your investing.

And now, I’ve created a package just with you in mind. It starts with my 5 part audio series The REI Core Audios, which is just that… The Real Estate Investing Core Information in Audio form. And they are available instantly when you grab your copy now.

Module 1: The Power of Real Estate

Join me now as I take you through the following:

  • The 6 Key benefits of Real Estate Investing
  • Why they are uncommon in nearly any other investments 
  • & Why NOWis the ideal time to be investing in real estate.

PLUS… the “The Power of Real Estate” Visual Business Blueprint for quick notes on all the content discussed.

Module 2: Real Estate Investing Defined

Here you will find the Key definitions to the words you will come across in rel estate.  No more sounding like a bozo.

What you'll experience in this module: 

  • Key definitions to talk like a pro when conversing with agents, financial partners, sellers and buyers
  • Real examples of how these terms apply in your business
  • Full list of terms the experts use  on a daily basis.

Module 3: 10 +1 Killers of Real Estate Investing Success

So much of Real estate investing is not what you do right, but rather what you DON'T do wrong. 

In this audio, I'll take you through my personal experiences and 11 things to avoid.  I'll share with you mistakes I've made that cost me $1,000 and even 10’s of thousands of dollars. Save yourself this money!

With this training you don't have say goodbye to so many of your hard earned Benjamins.

Module 4: Choosing the Right Real Estate Strategy

Real Estate Schizophrenia is a major hindrance to real estate investing success. 

In this training, we are going to bust open the secrets our investors use to walk into every transaction armed with the knowledge needed to conquer the deal and put money into your pocket. 

  • How to self diagnose real estate schizophrenia in your own business.
  • What are the investor strategies you should be considering?
  • What is the process for ensuring you are working the right real estate investing strategies for your situation.

Module 5: Setting Up Your REI Office

Many people ask me about the tools and resources I use to run my business.  So lets short-cut the search

Key points we'll cover:

  • The 8 things you should have for a complete home office to work your real estate business.
  • Which tools and software are worth the investment to automate key areas of your business
  • How I structure property files to keep things easily available and life chaos free.

In this audio, I'll take you through exactly how to set up your office so you can run a functional and efficient real estate investing business from your home or office!

Bonus Module 6: Creative Real Estate Investing Blueprint

To wrap up this training I wanted to leave you with clarity of to implement and how I have implemented all of this to create massive profits.

Key points we'll cover:

  • 6 keys of creative real estate investing
  • 2 elements every deal should have.
  • How to accelerate your success with your first 3 team members.

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